Software De Gestion

Software Winex tpv

Winex TPV is a set of applications developed to get the most out of your business, thanks to its adaptability and ease of use.


Its operation is totally intuitive and simple, thanks to that, the integration will be done in a faster way so that you can get the most out of it as soon as possible.

Thanks to your customized reports and control modules, we have all the necessary information quickly and easily so that real-time decision making is effective

Winex TPV is ready for the most complex installations, being possible the connection of several computers in network (windows and android) kitchen printers, kitchen screens, android smartphones and controllers, fingerprint readers, proximity readers, customer displays, readers Bar codes, smart drawers and a long etcetera to get the most out of your business.

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Software Firesoft

Take control of your business with Firesoft, a program designed for the most demanding user. More than 15 years of experience have allowed us to adapt Firesoft to the REAL needs of each business of each user.
Firesoft is expandable thanks to additional modules, which allow you to add interesting features to grow with your business.
Our program is specially designed for touch screens, which allow faster and agile work in your equipment, facilitating the service and attention to the client and improving the daily work.


It is a very visual POS management program, which allows you to work easily with various rooms, terraces and bars, very useful for large restaurants or rooms; You can also select dishes from a set menu, adding extra ingredients or comments to the command, which avoids oversights and forgetting in orders; You can divide the accounts among the diners or save tickets for a later payment, facilitating to the maximum the adaptation to the form of payment of the client and work of its establishment.
These are some of the sales functions, although Firesoft also allows a very complete administration of the sales and purchase documents: you can create initial stocks, introduce the products bought to suppliers through the delivery notes; Generate detailed sales reports per day, article, employee or turn among many other options, as well as accompany them with graphs that allow a more visual and direct analysis of your figures

Your business, your way of working The TPV Firesoft program adapts to the way you work in your business, allowing different modes of sale for the same article, different types of combinations, several sales rates, etc.
You can also customize the sales documents, such as Tickets or invoices, taking advantage to show your offers and new products in them, And create a home screen according to the aesthetics and style of your local. All this and more make Firesoft software adapted to any form of work in hospitality.


OfiMenu itá a new system of electronic menu. Using an app and reading a QR code your costumer can access to your menu in diferents languages


By hiring the OFIMENU app only with the electronic menu option, your customers will always have on hand the menu of your restaurant to consult their menus, dishes, combinations, recommendations, pairings, etc, Always having your letter updated, eliminating printing costs and offering information in different languages and in any currency (multi-currency) to your customers, showing it in an attractive way, encouraging greater consumption of your products.

You will be able to install OFIMENU in a kiosk at the entrance of your premises and / or in a lectern, replacing your previous physical card and / or in each table on tablets of your property already configured in these and / or being able to offer your clients the possibility of download it and by means of a unique QR code placed in the restaurant or different QR codes placed on each table or in each room of the hotel you will be able to access the OFIMENU of your personalized company.

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