Weight Scales



Comfort and performance

The tpv-weight scale is designed especially for businesses such as fruit shops and butchers where you need a fast work and a thorough control of sales and stock.

Thanks to its management software we can have our products with your photos on the sale screen to make it more agile to use. Everything in a structure making everything in the same space as any trade weight scale.


The XAP-30 weight scale is specially designed to connect to a tpv. It is a PPI weight scale, this means that it will show the weight, the price and the amount of the product that we put in the plate. Its modern design and dimensions make it ideal for small spaces.

  • GRAM XAP-30

    GRAM XAP-30

  • GRAM M-6

    GRAM M-6


The GRAM M-6 weight scaleis a high-end weight scale ideal for busy environments such as butchers and fruit shops.

Available with or without lifting visor and high-speed thermal printer,along with its dish size make the M-6 the ideal model for the control of your business.

Thanks to its registration function we can make our day close simple and clear..


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